Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Hurt I'd Go Through

The Hurt I'd Go Through

The Hurt I'd Go Through
Beautiful Days

A moment in time
Belonged to our chemistry
In a world so far away form here
Created by dreams

You made my earth move
Brought sunshine through your smile
Tell me what am I to do
You never warned me ’bout
All the hurt I’d go through
For you

Listen, can you still
Hear the love we made
Softly, gently
To the music we played
As you showed me the way

[Repeat Chorus]

And now I’m all alone
Abandoned by the only dream
I’d never ever really known
Hoo hoo I’m slowly breaking down
Our world, our home

Burned by reality
Warmed turned stone cold
As darkness appears
And life’s taken from me

[Repeat Chorus]


This song was written by Keith Martin and Aliya Parcs for Kyla's fifth studio album, Beautiful Days. Kyla's soulful voice adds more drama to its hurting lyrics.

Click here to download the song.


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