Thursday, March 27, 2008



It's Jaymie's 24th.

The first time I met Jaymie was during Rxandy's pictorial for his first exhibit RxAW. Di pa kami close that time. Kahit hi-hello, wala. But after the successful exhibit of her cousin, we were given a chance to ahng out a couple of times and talk and bond.

Jaymie is a great friend - a great listener and a good adviser. I remember us, both crying in Ate Nissa's room. From then, we shared countless drinks and secrets. She is smart, hardworking and a certified cam whore. You will never see her without a digicam in her hands.

Jayms, thanks for everything we shared. Here's to you and to all the drinking sessions and coffees that we will be sharing.

Labyou! Mwah!!

PS: Jaymie, nakayellow ka rin pala last birthday celebration mo. Tita Cory, is that you? Hehehe

Locked Up

Locked Up

Stupid. Alone. In love. Paranoid. Crazy. Stressed. Tired. Sleepy. Confused. Bothered. Lonely. Half happy, half sad. Scared. Forelorn. Vulnerable.

That's all me.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Frost Fever Party by Gino Santos and Company

Frost Fever Party by Gino Santos and Company


calling all graduating students! this is your party!

"Summer is comming up and we'd like to end the school year with frostbite before it gets too hot!"

9 big schools bring you...

March 26, 9pm till dawn
@ at the pasig COLDPLANT, 182 Shaw Blvd Extension, Pasig City.
Php 220.00

WARNING!!: Extremely LOW low low temperature [ 0 degrees and dropping ] wear your winter outfits to stay warm. Please dress accordingly.<>
p.s. I'm serious, wear winter outfits not just longsleeves, hoodies etc its not enough SWEAR! wear coats/parkas, earmuffs, gloves, bonnets scarves legging/tights under pants, boots, SOCKS and the like!!!!

Be there and experience this winter solace event before summer hits metro manila!

EVERYONE IS INVITED... <---promotional video



Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lenten Rant

Lenten Rant

Man booed, punched, forced to leave

A MAN was booed, forced to go out of the University of San Carlos gymnasium and was punched by an unidentified person who also held his crotch while the forum with Senate witness Rodolfo Lozada, Jr. was ongoing yesterday.

“Po” asked Lozada why the issue on the national broadband network (NBN) deal has not been brought to the courts.

Some people in the audience booed him, and the booing only stopped when another participant stood up to ask another question to Lozada.

The tension erupted again, however, when Lourdes Barcenas, wife of former Integrated Bar of the Philippines Cebu City chapter president Democrito Barcenas, confronted “Po,” who was at the back talking with Raddy Diola, brother of Dilaab’s coordinating steward Fr. Carmelo Diola.

Lourdes pointed a finger at “Po” and said he does not belong in the forum.

“Po” shrugged his shoulders and raised his arms while answering and was booed again as male participants of the forum started to flock around him.

To ease the tension, Aaron Pedrosa of Sanlakas advised “Po” to leave the gym temporarily, which he did, guided by Diola and accompanied by some of the forum participants to the corridor outside the USC school gym.

But “Po” decided to leave the USC campus altogether and answered reporters questions only when he was on the sidewalk along Sanciangko St.

Along the way, someone punched him once on his side and held his crotch.

“It’s not even supposed to be tense. These tours are causing tension and this is actually the proof of it,” said “Po,” who refused to give his full name because “it’s not even important.”

He described himself as not belonging to any organization and that while he stopped his schooling to work, he continued being vigilant on social issues by reading the newspapers and watching the news.

“I’m not saying that what they are saying in there is false. All I want to say is that if we are in search for the truth, we should entertain everybody from both sides,” he said.

He added that when he learned that Lozada is coming over for an open forum, he grabbed the opportunity to ask the witness as part of his search for truth.

“My question was basically simple. Everybody has been asking this same question. Why are they not taking the issue to the court? The Senate inquiry, while it is very visible, cannot condemn and cannot acquit anybody whether they are guilty or not,” he said.

He was surprised that the participants in the event reacted because he thought the forum was open to the public.

“What did they do? They slapped me and got my crotch, man. Somebody threatened to punch me. I respect them but I believe I should be respected, too,” he said, his lips quivering.

Witnesses however said “Po” was actually punched, not slapped, like what he thought.

“Po” finally left the place, guided by Diola, when some participants passed him as they exited the Sanciangko gate of the university after the forum ended.

They threw negative remarks at “Po” when they saw him.

Diola said he accompanied Po because he pitied him.

Pedrosa explained that the incident happened because Po extended the two minutes allotted per question even when the audience wanted to listen to Lozada.

“In situations like this, people, like Madam Barcenas, were offended by his gestures. Let us respect the rules. I tried to explain that to him but it seems like he wouldn’t listen,” said Pedrosa. (NRC)



Yeah right. So much for open forum. Open forum for them is praising Jun Lozada, laughing at his jokes, asking him questions that will make him more of a hero, and posing beside Lozada for a picture. Sheesh.

Why do you think they acted this way? It's because reality bites -- they do not have documents to support Lozada's claim to go the courts. All of Lozada's allegations remains baseless. And if they are saying that the guy has used up the 2 minutes alloted to his questions, does that give them the right to throw the guy outside the forum? And if they were offended by the guy's gestures, does that mean that booing and punching someone are proper decorum?

Before this, B&W Movement Co Convenor Leah Navarro called Cardinal Vidal a puppet of PGMA because no priest agreed to officiate the mass for truth for Jun Lozada in Cebu. How brave of this has-been singer to disrespect a Cardinal just because of a Jun Lozada who did nothing but throw baseless accusations and cry in front of public for sympathy?

Do they always think this way? If something wrong comes their way, they blame the government? Is it not possible that all priests are busy because of the Lenten Season? Is it not possible that some people are losing faith in Jun Lozada? Does losing faith in him means that they are a 'tuta' of the government?

It seems to me that freedom of speech is only for them, those who are against the government. When you against them, you are either a 'tuta' or a puppet of Arroyo. Don't they know that there is this thing called being neutral? If they don't, it means that they, Leah Navarro and Cory Aquino among others, are also a 'tuta' or puppet of Lozada.

For me, Lozada is starting to become an inconsistent heel. He cries for his safety at first and now he is touring around the country enjoying the fame and popularity. He said he will only speak of the ZTE deal and will not discuss anything related to politics but now he is calling for PGMA's resignation and giving his thoughts on People Power.

Jun Lozada could go to anywhere he pleases but they should not condemn those who refuse to listen to his babblings. I can see that his 15-minute of fame will be over soon. And I hope the senate who sees nothing right in the Arroyo government will stop their so-called investigation in the aid of legislation.

Anyway, have a happy holy week. I am stuck in Manila, I think. Enjoy your vacation but don't forget to pray and reflect.

Sunday, March 16, 2008



It has been awhile since I blogged. So I have a lot of things to write about. These past few weeks had been funny for our country.

First, there was Janina San Miguel. But don't laugh at her 'tough ten', she went home that night as our representative in the Miss World Pageant. But if you cannot help it, just laugh. They say that they are trying a different approach this year. Janina may not answer her question well, but she won two majors awards (long gown and swimsuit?). So this year, they are really going after beauty. Never mind the brain. Hey I have nothing against Janina. It is okay to commit grammatical errors but she didn't even answer the question. Tama si Paolo Bediones, nagtagalog na lang sana siya.

Second, Senator Ping Lacson ang Jamby Madrigal. I can still remember the look on the face of Ping Lacson when Leo San Miguel was in front of the senate for the NBN Probe. Priceless. And how about the time Jamby freaked out during a hearing on the Commission of Appointments? Priceless.

Third, Jun Lozada, the ZTE star witness turned hero. Excuse me while I puke. This guy is soooo enjoying his fame at may provincial tour pa. Hanep. I won't be surprised if he will run for 2010.

Circus. Circus. Circus. I wonder what's next.

Sunday, March 02, 2008



I just decided to tell him everything I feel.

I have nothing to lose and, I think, I have nothing to gain.

I just wish I can handle everything that is going to happen afterwards.

Wish me luck.