Monday, August 14, 2006

Overheard Conversation

Overheard Conversation

Mama: Ibaba mo na ang phone, Cara Tubice.
Sister: (giggling) Ito na, Mila
Mama: Excuse me, Mila Rodriguez.

That’s how much my mom hates my dad.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Breaking Down

Breaking Down

Yesterday I was stll holding on. Now I am barely hanging on; I am afraid I am losing my grip.

I am slowly breaking down.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

August 6, 2006

August 6, 2006

August 6, 2006. Not a good day for me.

First, I woke up with colds and my whole body aches. Second, I realized that it is Sunday. Sundays for me are always not good. To start off, Sunday is the only day when my dad stays half of the day here in the house. To most families, Sundays are always special -- going to church together, eating lunch or dinner out, shopping and malling. To me, it ceased to be that way ever since I was in high school. And at the present, I drag every Sunday when my dad is home because I don’t feel comfortable around him anymore. He is not my dad anymore – he is just a stranger. That is why every Sunday, I usually avoid his presence or stares. And when he talks to me, I just answer him politely. And to cap everything off, it just started to rain. I don’t know about you, but every time it rains, I feel sadder.

So this is not a good day for me. But it just got better. I turned on my computer, and right before I decided to write this blog, I browsed my private folder. I leafed through the pictures of my friends. Every time I am with my friends, I kept thinking of something I read when I was still a sophomore. I read somewhere that friends are God's way to make up to you for giving you your family. When God gave you family, He has given you no choice, but He gave you friends which you can choose.

Well, I don't mean to brag or anything but I have a great set of friends. And I would not trade them for anything in the world. But honestly, just about two months ago, I was so desperate to find love that I wrote in my private journal that I would trade my friends to have one perfect love. But about five seconds after writing that, I realized my stupidity. I could have kicked myself in the ass for even thinking of that.

Just looking at their pictures make me miss them more. I have about six set of great friends -- from Elementary, High School, College, Work, BNT and Fabuloush. I am a very friendly person and I love having as much as friends as I could. And I treasure them with all my heart.

And no matter how long you were unable to communicate, the special bonding is still there. I can still remember how I and my friends from high school would go here at my house at the end of a long day just to hang out. I miss my high school friends. Ichan and Mike are now abroad. Robyn, Mel, I and JP are busy with their own lives that I barely get to see them. Robyn and Randy are the only friends from High School that I get to hang out with these past few months.

I also cannot forget how my friends from college and I would hang out at the tambayan at the back of Letran College until the sun has set. We would give food to the street kids playing in front of our tambayan. I miss our sleepless nights deciding on what to do with our production and helping each other out with our researches. The latest news that I heard of them was Yhna would star in a play in August 27. Tan is a team leader in Sykes. Venice is now a local jetsetter. Niño is now a cameraman for ABS-CBN. Beth works in a hotel and JP works in the same call center as Joanne. Joanne and Krestel are both pregnant again.

My GMA friends are the only thing that is fun inside the newsroom. We would hang out at the Gazeebo or the cafeteria complaining to each other how our work’s a bore. Karla, Lorie and China are not a Kapuso anymore. They left after I left the station. And now the people I work with, Ate Bam and Ate Sann, are the best! They are the kind of person who knows how to have fun while working.

Two years ago, I joined this online community called BNT which stands for Bahala Na Trip. I spent most of my 2005 weekends with them. I got super close to four of them -- Richard, Jeffy and Cholo.

And just last year, I was also exposed to another online community -- Being in a large online community, you begin to create small circles of friends. And I am so glad that the circle of friends that I am with last year is still the same circle that I hang out with now. Although some broke away from the circle, we are still standing on solid ground. Raymond and Edmar are still my lovable kumares. And thank god for that trip in Galera, every wrong first impression was washed away. And now we are solid than ever -- Raymond, Edmar, Mike (my former companion when I want to flirt), Miguel (Mike’s present lover), Alvin (Kristine Hermosa, Miss Costa Rica and Edmar ever loving partner), and Lester (my hali, music sister and my present companion when I want to flirt). We usually hang out anytime we want. Sometimes, Brian Keith and his lover Tobey join us. Thanks to Edmar's house. Buchoy, Edmar’s Cousin and our Gurlilia joins us when we are there. He or She is also the one responsible for our funky haircuts and highlights.

What I like about the Fabuloush community, is no matter how many circles there are, those circles can intersect with each other. An evidence of that is that Galera experience. I could never forget our last dinner at Galera last Holy Week. The Sagidi Sagidi Sa Popo Game we played.

The pioneers and the members that I love are still there (in no particular order, I am bad at remembering names so I will just type them as I go along) -- Domwheesung (my Bekbek), Chaileyva, Deckyu (Bossing), Jhumar (the Whistling Diva), Alvin (our Sweet Driver), Migs (Alvin’s partner), Kian (Fab’s Lavinia), Borjy (the lovable Circuit Asia’s Events Manager), Cupkeyk (Ngenge Forever), Rio (Registered Nurse!), Jandhi (a Fab friend from a thousand miles away), JRaven (ang nagbabalik), Warshock, Crookshanks, Johlou, Antagonist, Jou and Fudge.

As I was saying awhile ago, they are the best. And I would never trade them for anything in this world.

August 6, 2006. Not a good day for me but it just got better. I have my friends.